Sushi as food is the epitome of delicate balance: the unique taste experience is guaranteed by carefully chosen and prepared ingredients and completed by visually attractive serving. Sushi rice, alga wrap and some fish or other fillings: you can’t go wrong with them. No more and no less than needed: that’s the secret of good sushi. Until…someone comes and puts mayo in the sushi?!

The groundbreaker California Roll

The first Wester-style sushi roll was invented by the Japanese sushi chef, Ichiro Mashita in Los Angeles in the 1960s. Mashita wanted to create a nice crab-and-tuna roll, but he couldn’t find tuna fatty enough for the composition, so he decided to substitute it with avocado, as its texture was just what he was looking for. It became a huge success and has paved the way for other sushi creations different from the original Japanese ones.


Caution, calories!

Most Western style sushi variations were invented in the United States: the Rainbow Roll is made from the ingredients of the California Roll, but is topped with some sashimi; the Philadelphia Roll contains cream cheese and the Dynamite Roll is made-horror of horrors!- with mayonnaise.

It is important to be aware of the fact that these sushis, however wonderful they taste, don’t have the health benefits of original Japanese sushi rolls: they can contain even twice as many calories as simpler and smaller ones. They are not at all successful in Japan; the only one that gained some popularity is the California Roll.


Hungarian sushi in Sushi Sei!

Let’s stop for a second and think: if there are so many variations, could there be a Hungarian one? The answer is yes! Sushi Sei offers the unique experience of a sushi roll tailored to Hungarian taste: the Budapest maki is made of California pepper, mayonnaise and pork cutlet.


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