Japan as an island country has a long history of fish consumption. But this does not only mean the eating of fish and seafood; it has to do with gastronomic traditions and the procurement of sea products, too. Thus it is no wonder that Tokyo’s biggest fish market, Tsukiji has gained cult status over the years, attracting a great number of visitors.

Tsukiji, founded 83 years ago, had served customers–housewives, restaurants and wholesale vendors–until the end of 2018. The inner market used to be home to the legendary bluefin tuna auctions, appealing to thousands of tourists who could arrive to the market as early as midnight to wait for their chance to have a taste of the unique atmosphere of the auction. Once they got in, the tour guide did their best to keep the visitors out of the way of people doing business there: early morning market life, particularly during auctions, can be hectic.

Sadly (or some might say: luckily) this came to an end when the inner, wholesale market was moved to a „hypermodern” palace with glass surfaces, only 2 kilometres away, in Toyosu, an artificial island. The auctions are already held here today and whoever is interested in the bargain can watch it through a glass wall. However, the magic of old style auctions is lost; the inimitable spirit of the old market was left behind, together with the old market stalls. The last item sold at the old market was a  bluefin tuna weighing 162 kgs; it cost 4,3 million yens (10, 7 million Forints).

Even though the inner market is gone, it would be silly not to include Tsukiji in our tour de Tokyo; the outer, open-air market is still operating, offering all kinds of fruit, seafood and special kitchen appliances. And as for food…wherever you decide to eat at Tsukiji, you are sure to get sushi, sashimi, ramen and bentos that are always fresh and delectable. From cheap but good-tasting dishes to more expensive meals everyone can find something delicious to suit our taste and wallets, too!

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