Officially, it belongs to Japan, but it isn’t Japanese. Astounding but sometimes tragic past,  unique language and lifestyle characterizes Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan, Okinawa itself being the biggest of 160 islands. Its name means „open sea and rope”, its capital is Naha, where the Japanese go on holiday. It’s a bit like a Japanese Mallorca; everyone wears colourful clothes and you can also see American soldiers spending their day off at leisurely cafés. Still, it is the Okinawan’s lifestyle that is the most interesting!

Senior record holders

From time to time, you can read articles about Okinawa, which always rave about one thing: the age and lifestyle of the elderly of the island(s). 15% of the world’s oldest people live here, so there must be something special about them! And what is more, they live a happy and healthy life over 100! What is their secret?

Hara hachi bu!

The saying is attributed to Kung Fu Ce (Confucius), and it means you shouldn’t eat until you are full: it is advised to stop just before you have had enough. About 80% will do. Following this rule, Okinawans don’t get fat! Of course there are more rules. Beside temperance, consciousness is also important: they always pay attention to what and how much they eat. There are certain food groups that you can eat as much as you want, others are to be enjoyed moderately, while there are foods you’d better not have at all. For example, you can eat spinach and courgettes without feeling guilty, but be more careful with potato and bananas. And with red meat and sweets, the less is the better. The same goes for alcohol. The truly organic ingredients used in Okinawa contribute to the health benefits of the Okinawan diet: they eat what they grow and catch from the sea. They also drink a lot of green tea on a daily basis.


Always on the move

Okinawans don’t sit around idly. Instead, they always move: working in the garden, walking, yoga and tai-chi help them keep themselves  physically and mentally healthy and young at a very old age. Also, they don’t stress over unimportant things. Have they missed the bus? Another one will come. And anyway, they prefer walking! I think we have a lot to learn from them!


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