To Japanese people, rice means much more than a simple ingredient. It is deeply rooted in many aspects of their everyday life: throughout the centuries, it became inseparable from Japanese culture.

The easiest way to prove the essential role rice plays in the island’s society is turning to linguistics for a second: in Japanese, the word ‘gohan’ means ‘cooked rice’ as well as ‘meal’. We can point out the same phenomenon when it comes to other Asian cultures that hold the cereal grain close to their heart. To take it one step further, the Japanese extended prefixes present asagohan (breakfast), hirugohan (lunch), and bangohan (dinner) – see where we’re going? Rice does seem to be one of the pillars of the language and therefore it is a fundamental element of the culture, too.

Of course, rice had various roles throughout the country’s history: for example, in early Japanese history, the Emperor who was also the ‘priest-king’ of Shinto religion conducted such rituals as blessing the crops, and the coronation ceremonies also involved rice products like sake or mochi (an irresistible dessert that all of us has obsessed with at some point in our life – or if you haven’t, trust me: you will). How seriously they took the rice business is proven by the fact that guarding the crops soon arose to political function. Rice was also used to signify wealth and at times functioned as a hard currency.

It’s safe to say that rice and Japanese culture are forever interlocked, making the ingredient much more than just a popular nutriment of the region. And, of course, there is the usual ‘how come Japanese people eat rice 24/7 and live a long and healthy life’ mystery: let’s take a look at the facts for a moment: rice is a naturally gluten free grain and it’s definitely a safe choice for low carb diet options. Although, the real secret of the healthy Japanese diet is something many debates forget to mention: it is all about moderation and variety. An average ‘Japanese person consumes about 15-20 types of food, if not more’ on a daily basis – for most of us, this probably sounds undoable. But with a bit of care and consideration, we can easily make our daily intake more colorful and much healthier.

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