Making sushi at home is not something you would be likely to consider: the special ingredients and the technique make it almost impossible for the inexperienced to put some delicious rolls together. But what if you had all you needed, plus the help of a real professional? You can join our special Sushi Workshop and see how it’s done!

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to spice up the team building experience of your company, or you’d like to surprise your loved ones with a real culinary adventure, Sushi Sei offers a truly special way to do so.

For Companies

Our workshops are designed for those who would like to take a look at how authentic sushi is made and try what it means to prepare the popular Japanese meal by themselves. We can host groups up to 25 people, and let you in on the secret of sushi making. As we only use high-quality, authentic ingredients, many of which come directly from Japan, we make sure you have all the important elements and props right at hand. Making sushi is about simplicity: combining the best ingredients with a skillful technique. And while you might face difficulties with regards to these at home, in the cozy environment of our restaurant, and under the direction of our fantastic chef, you will surely enjoy each and every moment.

You don’t have to be a guru in the kitchen to have fun: our Sushi Workshop can be just as entertaining for those who don’t consider themselves to be too talented around the plate, as for practiced cooks who’d like to take things to the next level.

Private Workshops

Food always brings people together. Our Sushi Workshop can be an ideal gift to your family or a great way to celebrate with your friends: spending time together can be even more memorable when you get to learn new things at the same time.

Yes, the holiday season is already upon us. Of course, if your loved one is a huge fan of Japanese gastronomy, but would rather appreciate the meals instead of learning how to make them, you can choose to surprise them with a voucher for a fabulous lunch or dinner at Sushi Sei – secretly hoping they will take you along when they decide to use it!

You can find out more about our workshops and free dates by contacting our staff, and you can also request information on our current vouchers. Sushi Sei awaits you with the finest Japanese bites every day of the year: drop by our restaurant located in Óbuda, or order your favorite Japanese treats to your doorstep! Remember how we wrote about our latest achievement in Paris? Now you have a chance to taste our chef’s award-winning meal, the phenomenal Nimono-Wan, that earned us a place in the final round of the prestigious Washoku World Challenge!