Earlier, we dedicated a full article to the wonderful dictionary of sushi: we went through the rather mouthwatering description of maki and nigiri, adding some ginger, soy and wasabi to our imaginary plate. In said post, we mentioned Futomaki – the delicious roll that will be the protagonist of this week’s culinary story.

Futomaki (太巻き) or the ‘fat roll’ has become extremely popular among the sushi lovers of Budapest, as well. The special compilations come as big as 5-6 cm in diameter and offer two, three or even more fillings. A great advantage of this version is that it’s often prepared to satisfy vegetarians too, with its yummy strips of cucumber, lotus roots or bamboo shoots.

The chosen fillings perfectly complement each other, not only in taste but with regards to the color of the carefully selected ingredients, making Futomaki a real stylish meal. At Sushi Sei, it comes with cucumber, salmon, cabbage lettuce, mayonnaise and masago, aka the fish roe of capelin.

Traditionally, Futomaki was prepared ahead of time, as a special meal served for festive occasions. Unlike typical sushi, this version is made with dried ingredients instead of fresh ones. Families used whatever they had in their pantry – dried shiitake mushrooms or dried kanpyo (shavings of calabash). Of course, if you were to make it at home, you should feel free to use up whatever is around to substitute these special, Japanese ingredients.

Speaking of making sushi on your own…

We’re organizing sushi workshops throughout December: the enthusiastic participants can learn from the chef himself, and get a closer look at how sushi is actually prepared. We provide a great teacher and the best ingredients – plus, of course, a truly authentic atmosphere that will make your culinary journey unforgettable!

If you would like to celebrate with your friends and family or organize a special Christmas dinner party where you can get together with your colleagues and raise a glass – or two – of sake to the success of your company, Sushi Sei welcomes you with a real chic and special atmosphere. The number of free dates is limited, so make sure you make a reservation on time! If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for the holiday season, we have a stash of Christmas vouchers you can put under the tree, hoping that your loved ones would take you along when they decide to use it!

You can find out more about our workshops and free dates by contacting our staff. Sushi Sei awaits you with the finest Japanese bites every day of the year: drop by our restaurant located in Óbuda, or order your favorite Japanese treats to your doorstep! Now you have a chance to taste our chef’s award-winning meal, the phenomenal Nimono-Wan, that earned us a place in the final round of the prestigious Washoku World Challenge at the beginning of next year!