The mysteries of Japanese cuisine–mirin, the secret ingredient

I wonder how many of us (us meaning fans of Asian cuisine) have wondered what makes Asian–actually, Japanese- dishes so different in taste. Ramen or teriyaki, and even miso are so uniquely distinct from what we are used to…but how so? To answer the question one has to be a bit of a gourmand…or just […]

Forgetting-the-year party: the tradition of bonenkai

As the end of the year approaches, people often feel the need to reflect on the achievements but also  the trials and tribulations of the old year: what did I do wrong? What did I do right? Has this been a successful year? Have I grown as a person? Have I grown professionally? A lot […]

Tsukiji: the rise and…relocation of a world-famous fish market

Japan as an island country has a long history of fish consumption. But this does not only mean the eating of fish and seafood; it has to do with gastronomic traditions and the procurement of sea products, too. Thus it is no wonder that Tokyo’s biggest fish market, Tsukiji has gained cult status over the […]