Shinkansen: Japanese peak technology in train travel

I love travelling by train. It might sound odd, but even waiting at stations or stops appeals to me. There are typical spaces, buildings and objects, and a familiar mood which only belongs to the idea of the train trip. Of course my notion of a train journey is rooted in the reality of Hungarian […]

Maneki-neko: the cat „waving” happiness

I still remember walking in the famous street mall of Szeged, where I spent my years as a university student, and finding an Asian novelty and clothes store there, with all sorts of goods that I had never seen before: Indian saris, Nepali sarongs, Chinese tea sets and various other items. But I only had […]

Tasting Japan: A Map of Regional Dishes Part I.

377,973.89 km2, about 127 million people and a cuisine that is based on traditional recipes, seasonal ingredients and a wide range of regional meals that make Japanese gastronomy so diverse. Let’s take a look at some of these specialties: in the first part of our article, our destinations are Kyoto, Sapporo, Tokyo and Osaka.