The much-awaited spring in Japan is a busy time of the year; nature and economy revive and school’s back in (much to students’ dismay). Plum and apricot trees are in bloom, but we still have to wait for the world famous sakura, the cherry blossoms that burst into bloom throughout the country from March to May. Spring festivals, matsuris begin in March with the Day of The Girls (Hina Matsuri), offering a whole lot of festivities for Japanese people and foreigners alike.

However, there is a more practical reason for looking forward to spring: whether they live in Japan or Hungary, people can’t wait to taste the first fruits and vegetables of spring. This means much more than simply enjoying their delicious flavours; our bodies desperately need the nutrients they have been missing through the (always too) long and cold winter, so it’s best to look for dishes that are healthy and palatable at the same time. Let’s have a look at SushiSei ’s menu and see what they can offer!

Sushi, the jolly joker

Sashimi, nigiri or maki-whichever you choose, all types of sushi will provide you with the balance of important nutrients and heavenly taste. Nori seaweed-the outer layer of the sushi roll-contains amino acids, B12 vitamin and minerals essential to cell regeneration. Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrate, which, combined with salmon or some other fish, will help you with the replacement of vitamin D as well. Futomaki can be an ideal choice!

Tempura soba

This hearty soup will warm us up on a windy spring day while offering a whole lot of invigorating nutrients: egg is an outstanding source of vitamin A, green onions and kimchi (fermented, salted cabbage) serve as a prebiotic to help support our immune system.

Caution, wasabi!

Wasabi, or Japanese horseradish, is served as a green paste which has an extremely strong taste-so strong that in fact it causes a burning sensation! It’s safe to say it’s not for everyone. The admirers of wasabi can benefit from its health-giving effects: the root of this plant is rich in powerful antioxidants and serves as a bactericide as well.

Visit us and taste our dishes made from superb ingredients, with the highest level of expertise! SushiSei is the ideal venue for intimate conversations, company outings and family celebrations. Book a table in our restaurant or order our dishes online, we  also deliver!