Shiitake, a mushroom native to East Asia, has been an integral part of Asian diet for a long-long time. It has been cultivated for at least a thousand years in China and Japan, and is the most exported edible mushroom in the world; you can buy it in Hungary, too. This meaty-flavoured, uniquely scented mushroom is called „shiitake mushroom” in our country, which is a bit silly considering the fact that shii (pasania tree) and take (mushroom) already have the word mushroom in it. The hugely popular shiitake grows on hardwood logs, mainly shii, chestnut or oak. But why is it so popular? Could it be that shiitake, just like psychotropic mushrooms, will guide us to new dimensions of sensation? The answer is no. Shiitake can do far better than that. But how exactly? Besides having a strong taste, the health benefits of consuming shiitake are practically endless. It is a powerful anti-oxidant, a source of minerals and amino acids, an inhibitor of cancerous cell growth…and this is just the beginning of a long list. Let’s have  a look at its most important health-promoting features!

Cardiovascular health

Shiitake has a beneficial effect on our cholesterol production, due to a substance called eritadenine, which alters the chemical compound of our lipoproteins so that they contain more proteins and less cholesterol. The result is less „bad” cholesterol and an improvement of cardiovascular health. Also, the phytonutrients found in this mushroom succesfully keep cells from sticking on vessel walls, thus maintaining vessel health and healthy blood pressure. And if it wasn’t enough…


Boosting immune function and fighting cancer

It has been scientifically proven that consuming shiitake is an excellent way of supporting our immune system; this mushroom can activate our bodies’ „soldiers”: macrophages and T-lymphocytes that seek and destroy pathogenic organisms to prevent diseases. They do the same thing if they detect abnormal cell growth in the body, thus inhibiting the reproduction of cancerous cells.


Beautiful teeth and skin

The oral cavity of human beings is the natural habitat of several species of bacteria and many other tiny creatures. This is all very well, but the delicate balance of the ecosystem in our mouth can be easily disrupted if „ill-willed” organisms take over. Shiitake can help, again! It can lower the number of pathogenic organisms in the oral community without affecting those associated with health. In other words, it can help prevent gingivitis and dental caries. Those suffering from skin outbreaks (acne) can rejoice, too: shiitake contains selenium, which, together with vitamins A and E act as a natural acne treatment.

…and the beneficial effects just keep coming. Shiitake stabilises blood sugar level, acts as a prebiotic and boosts brain function with the help of vitamin B…it is indeed a magic mushroom, worth trying!

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