“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” – wrote the English novelist, Emily Brontë. And it does seem like it, from time to time to me, too, that amongst all the seasons, autumn has the most captivating atmosphere.

Budapest is dressed in a billion colors, from bright golden to crimson, and they’re all magnificent in their own special way. Of course, this particular autumn mood requires something special – preferably warm – to accompany our dreamy state. At Sushi Sei, the feeling couldn’t be more complete: drop by our restaurant after taking a walk around Óbuda, and get cozy with a cup of authentic Japanese tea!

Genmaicha, or the Japanese brown rice green tea is one of our most popular seasonal specialties. Another favorite is Hōjicha, a green tea type known for being roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal, instead of being steamed like most versions of its kind. The island’s black tea goes by the name Koucha and offers a smooth and – surprisingly – sweet taste. Sencha is considered to be the most popular tea in Japan, and many of our guests – both foreign and local – praise it for its pure and natural taste that could be the perfect addition to a weeknight dinner or afternoon snack. If you feel nostalgic and would like to reminisce about the hot summer days that are drifting further and further away now, you can choose a cup of Mugicha, which is often referred to as the flavor of summer in Japan.

The newest in our precious autumn assortment is the healthy ginseng tea, offering a real energy boost for those gloomy days: imported all the way from Korea, you can taste the outstanding, internationally acclaimed teas of CheongKwanJang. The well-known Korean brand uses only the highest quality red ginseng to make sure your body gets the most of what the unique plant has to offer. What’s more, CheongKwanJang puts great emphasis on the process of cultivation, too: 6-year grown ginseng is said to contain the highest level of hearty elements. The company’s experts run more than two hundred tests before the plants would reach their final form, so the quality of their products is 100% ensured. Red ginseng has many positive effects on our health: it boosts the immune system as well as our metabolism. It improves blood circulation and supports our skin with anti-aging properties, just to name a few.

Enjoy the autumn breeze and visit Sushi Sei to spice up your day! We await you with the finest Japanese bites: drop by our restaurant located in Óbuda, or order your favorite Japanese treats to your doorstep! Remember how we wrote about our latest achievement in Paris? Now you have a chance to taste our chef’s award-winning meal, the phenomenal Nimono-Wan, that earned us a place in the final round of the prestigious Washoku World Challenge!