Data protection notice concerning the use of Sushi Sei Kft’s webshop

  1. Notice concerning registration at the webshop

In line with § 5 section (1)a) of Act CXII of 2011 on the handling of personal data, informational self-determination, and freedom of information, the registering Customer gives consent to Sushi Sei Kft to handle his/her data in order to fulfill orders and advertise the company’s services. The Customer accepts and acknowledges that in the event he/she wants to delete his/her data, he/she needs to issue a statement of the intention of deletion to the data controller.

  1. Data management notice

The data management notice notifies the customers of the webshop about the way of handling personal data in order to enable the customers to acquaint themselves with Sushi Sei Kft’s data management process and the possibility of the deletion of personal data.

Sushi Sei Kft declares that it respects its clients’ confidential information; all data, fact and information concerning users shall be kept confidential, and it shall only be used to the company’s own business purposes with the prior consent of clients.

When shopping in our webshop, personal data of our clients is required in order for us to be able to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. Paragraph 5 section (1)a) of Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information provides legal basis for data management. As long as the client does not withdraw his/her statement, we handle his/her data, to the sole purpose of identifying and fulfilling online orders, and we certainly do not forward them to any third party or make them public.

We store clients’ data on a closed‑system computer platform, in line with the provisions of Act VI of 1998 promulgating the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data, done in Strasbourg on 28 January 1981.

As the operator of the website, Sushi Sei Kft informs its clients via electronic newsletter about the activity and services of Sushi Sei Kft, if clients have registered to the newsletter service.

During the first registration, Sushi Sei Kft offers a choice to its clients to decide whether they want to receive electronic newsletter or not. Given the fact, that during the registration process, at the part where clients need to fill in their data, they have to indicate it separately if they wish to receive electronic newsletter, the company provides this service at the expressed request and by the approval of the clients. The option to withdraw from the newsletter list can be found in the footer of all our newsletters, by clicking on the link ‘Unsubscribe’.

General Business Conditions

concerning purchases made through the webshop operating under the domain of Sushi Sei Kft

By fulfilling the below-specified steps concerning placing an order on the order placement platform in the webshop operating under the domain, an electronic contract is formed between the Customer and the restaurant Sushi Sei (receiver of the order), the procedure of which is regulated by the provisions of the General Business Conditions available below.

  1. Data of the webshop:

Sushi Sei Kft is the operator of the webshop

Headquarters: 1036 Budapest Bécsi út 58

Company registration number: 01-09-182202

VAT number: 24783888-2-41

Registering authority: Commercial Court of the Metropolitan Court of Justice

Customer support: 1036 Budapest Bécsi út 58

Tel: 06 1 240 4065


  1. Steps of forming an electronic agreement by placing an order
  2. Registration to the webshop

The first step requires the Customer to register; in the course of registration, the Customer shall provide his/her data accurately and in accordance with the real facts. After registration, the Customer receives a confirmation notice in the form of an electronic mail sent to the provided e‑mail address; by clicking on the link in the before‑mentioned mail, the Customer shall be able to confirm his/her registration. This confirmation is a prerequisite in order to be able to place orders according to the registered data in the webshop.

  1. Sign-in for registered users:

In case the Customer is already registered, after providing his/her user name and password in the section “Order as registered user” on the home page, he/she can proceed to the order placement platform.

  1. Choosing the product(s) to be ordered:

The selection of dishes becomes available by clicking on the “Menu – dishes for order” picture in the webshop. The subject of the electronic contract concluded by and between the Customer and Sushi Sei Kft is the order placed for the product(s) chosen from the selection of dishes displayed. VAT and packaging costs are included in the products’ purchase price. The prices are displayed next to the product(s) chosen from the selection of dishes and placed in the basket. The pictures of the dishes are illustrations, it is not guaranteed, that the real products would look identical to the pictures.


  1. Placing an order, choosing payment method, submitting order:

After assembling the chosen products in the basket, the payment method can be selected on the platform “Submitting order”. There are several payment methods available to the Customer; the Customer can choose among them before submitting the order. In the webshop, payment transactions may be carried out via electronic payment by bank card (Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, American Express) or Szépkártya (OTP, K&H). Paying with cash or voucher is possible at the location indicated as destination of the delivery. After choosing a payment method and clicking on the button “Submit”, the Customer may double-check the contents of the order and data concerning the delivery address on the platform “Finalisation of order”, then by clicking on the button ”Submit”, the order is submitted. In case the Customer intends to make changes in the order, he/she may click on the text “…or back to the Menu without ordering” and may change the order before submitting it.


  1. Confirmation of order:

Sushi Sei Kft confirms the receipt of the order electronically within 10 minutes of the time of receipt. The order and the corresponding confirmation are considered received when they become available to Sushi Sei Kft and to the Customer respectively. In the event no confirmation arrives within 10 minutes of the time the order was submitted, the Customer may inquire about the status of the order on the e‑mail address or via phone.


  1. Delivery of the product(s) ordered:

The items submitted in the order shall be delivered by a delivery person. Average delivery time does not exceed 120 minutes upon confirmation.


  1. Cancelling the order:

The Customer may cancel the order only within 5 minutes of submitting the order; cancellation may be done by phone or by e‑mail.


  1. Means of identifying and correcting mistakes in the entered data before submitting an order:

The content of the “Basket” may be double‑checked, changed, or discarded any time before submitting the order; personal data may be changed any time.


  1. Written nature of the contract:

The contract concluded by placement of order, confirmation, and final invoice shall not be considered a contract in writing, it is not filed by Sushi Sei Kft and it shall not be available later.


III. Problems, complaints:


The Customer may signal any problems or complaints concerning the fulfillment of the order via the contact information of our Customer Support below:



Phone: +36 1 240 4065


In case of complaints concerning orders settled by bank card, the countervalue of the product(s) shall be repaid according to bank card payment regulations.