We’re getting closer and closer to that very particular time of the year when all we really want after a long, tiresome day is to let our body and soul warm up over a bowl of steaming soup. All the better if it comes with great ingredients and offers real fuel to our shivery bones. That is exactly why our favorite meals this week are Sei Nabe and Sukiyaki Nabe!

Although soups are generally considered to be smaller portioned, almost appetizer-like courses in many restaurants, Japanese recipes lavishes plenty hearty ingredients on broth lovers. I, for example, especially love autumn and winter for their great assortment of hot – really hot! – soups: the meaty, the creamy, the dense, the light, the vegetarian, the sour, the sweet – from the moment the temperature drops under 15 °C, I could go on a soup diet and survive the winter on these liquid delicacies alone.

Nabe translates to “cooking pot”, and refers to a range of so called hot pot or one pot dishes that are served during the colder season in Japan. Our seafood specialty is Sei Nabe: presenting the perfect mixture of salmon, prawn, shellfish, Udon noodles, chicken, tofu, the fine recipe is completed by vegetables, eggs and some kimchi that accompanies the soup as a side dish. As you can imagine, when these rich ingredients all come together, they definitely won’t leave your stomach empty, nor your taste buds unsatisfied. When thinking of the many delicious courses of the beloved Japanese cuisine, we often forget that the recipes do not always include seafood or fish kinds – meat lovers can also find more traditional flavors on the menu. Besides prawn, tempura, vegetables, tofu, egg, udon noodles and the already mentioned delicious side deal, kimchi, Sukiyaki Nabe includes some yummy fried beef, as well.

It’s great to think about others when the holiday season is about to kick in: if you would like to celebrate with your friends and family or organize a special Christmas dinner party where you can get together with your colleagues and raise a glass – or two – of sake to the success of your company, Sushi Sei welcomes you with a real chic and special atmosphere. The number of still available dates is limited, so make sure you reserve a table on time!

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas, we’re organizing sushi workshops throughout December: the enthusiastic participants can learn from the chef himself, and get a closer look at how sushi is actually prepared. We provide a great teacher and the best ingredients – plus, of course, a truly authentic atmosphere that will make your culinary journey unforgettable!

You can find out more about our workshops by contacting our staff. Sushi Sei awaits you with the finest Japanese bites every day of the year: drop by our restaurant located in Óbuda, or order your favorite Japanese treats to your doorstep! Now you have a chance to taste our chef’s award-winning meal, the phenomenal Nimono-Wan, that earned us a place in the final round of the prestigious Washoku World Challenge at the beginning of next year!