Everyone knows Japanese women are stylish and elegant. They have a refined taste in clothes, perfumes and cosmetic products: they consciously seek, buy and wear the highest quality goods. They also know what is best for them and they can afford it, too. „That’s superficial!”-one might say. „Real beauty cannot be bought with money!” That is also true. However, the Japanese concept of beauty is somewhat different from ours. The beauty routine of Japanese women is based on keeping the balance of their body and mind as well as preventing the aging of the skin (and body), so in the end it doesn’t really matter if they use expensive moisturizers or not. Still they look ageless and even their more mature skin glows!

So, if it isn’t just a matter of using the right skincare products, then what is the secret of ageless beauty? Let’s learn a few tricks from our Japanese sisters!


The Japanese consume a lot of nori (edible seaweed), and that’s good news for their skin too, since seaweed-based food is rich in vitamin C and various antioxidants and it also helps prevent the aging of the skin caused by UV-rays from the sun. Furthermore, seaweed eases the symptoms of rosacea, the inflammation and redness of the skin (I really should start eating nori big time…).

Green tea

We cannot stress the importance of antioxidants enough when it comes to slow down the aging of our body and most signiificantly, our skin. Our biggest organ will be grateful if we drink as much green tea as we can and thus fight free radicals that make our skin wrinkled and saggy. Green tea is also a great cure for acne, because it contains antioxidants and has antibacterial features, too. It is also effective when applied externally. Matcha can do even more for our skin than green tea!  We can eat or drink it in various forms, mixed with food or in smoothies, too. It is also a good idea to try the matcha cheesecake at Sushi Sei!


Rice is an essential element of the Japanese diet. It is rich in important nutrients and an integral part of the balanced diet they have in Japan. But who knew that the cooking water and the cooked rice itself can be used externally to make our skin and hair beautiful? Japanese women have known this for centuries, of course! Mixed with green tea, they make a wonderful moisturizing facial mask. A lot of Japanese cosmetic products are made with rice as well.


This time, it is definitely not sunflower oil! The use of fragrant, light oils to soften the skin has a long tradition in Japan. The most popular is camellia, which can be used for all skin types. It contains vitamins A, B, C and E, antioxidants and poliphenols that help keep our skin young. It also provides an even skin tone and fills up tiny wrinkles. Tsubaki, the most popular brand, is a must-have skincare product!

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