They say attack is the best form of defense. This popular wisdom might help if you have a shifty character following you on your way home. However, chances are that the tiniest of creatures will wage war on us instead of tough criminals creeping up from behind. What they want is to do harm to our health, and unfortunately, hitting them before they hit us isn’t an option. But what can we do? We can still boost our immune system to be ready to protect us from further harm. Let’s see how–with the help of some yummy and healthy Japanese ingredients!

Sweet potato

Now this vegetable is a real jolly joker. Its colour is bright orange or yellowish white; this characteristic is due to its high content of vitamin A–one medium potato actually holds 120 % of our daily need of vitamin A–and it is also packed with vitamin C. Both are powerful immune boosters! What is more, they make our skin glow. The Japanese version of sweet potatoes are called satsumaimo and they have all the goodness sweet potatoes can offer, plus a characteristically caramel-like taste. They are the most delicious roasted, sometimes accompanied by honey, soy sauce and sesame seeds. Leave the skin on!


This traditional Japanese soup is made with miso-paste which is an interesting variation of pickled foods made from fermented soybeans. Now the thing about fermented foodstuff is that the good bacteria residing in our guts are crazy about them! The microorganisms found in miso soup are much alike those living in our gastric system. The more the merrier, as they say; it is also easier to win the battle against pathogenic organisms with more immune „soldiers”. As part of a probiotic treatment–apart from probiotic supplements from the pharmacy–give miso a chance to prove its benefits!

Pickled ginger

Another pickled food! Believe me, the blessings of fermented food are practically endless, so let’s see what pickled ginger has to offer! Exceeding the positive effects of the above mentioned miso, pickled ginger is also a potent antioxidant which helps us get rid of harmful free radicals, and if it wasn’t enough it also kills viruses and fungi. Plus it is easy to prepare at home!

Without the list being exhaustive, here are a couple of other typical Japanese ingredients that can aid our immune system: broccoli, garlic, oyster, wheat germ oil…and something you simply can’t have enough: green tea.

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