The Japanese have come up with various, incredibly useful and practical inventions so far. One of the many examples is the magnetic bullet train, bewildering tourists and serving Japanese workers. But when it comes to inventing stuff, silliness can be just as motivating as the greater good. This, and the fact that the Japanese are obsessed with their food has led to the birth of food museums. Yes, food. Museums. You heard that right. But what are these?! Let’s find out!

Cup Noodle,Yokohama

This museum takes itself quite seriously. From the outside it looks just like a contemporary art museum, and the feeling grows as one enters the building. However, it will soon turn out that this museum is solely about pasta. Instant noodles, to be exact. Furthermore, only noodles of Nissin, the most popular brand in Japan. Movie screenings, noodle lab and tasting await the visitors!

MayoTerrace (Kewpie Mayo Museum), Tokyo

The Japanese adore mayonnaise so much that they came up with a word meaning „mayo lover”: mayola! All mayolas are welcome at the iconic museum of Japan’s favourite mayonnaise brand, Kewpie. They walk you through factory processes, there is  a mayo history lesson and you can make thy own mayo in the kitchen! The place is overrun by the cute baby figures of the Kewpie brand, and –of course-you can buy them, too. Registration needed!

Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya (Tokyo and Yokohama)

This one is more of a store than a museum; in Japan, there is a tradition of making–actually, crafting–artificial food, mostly for marketing purposes, to advertise food in restaurants’ shopwindows. But they also enjoy creating food that resembles to real meals so much that it is torture not to be able to taste them! (You better not, though.)

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