It’s easy to name a few of our favourite Japanese meals, but drinks perhaps, spend less time in the spotlight when it comes to the island’s colourful gastronomy. There are a number of phenomenal potions, like Japanese whisky which we also wrote about in a previous article. Now, we would like to tell you a bit more about another magical phenomenon: the wonderful ETSU Gin.

ETSU was one of the first Japanese gins to be available on the market: its distinctive taste and style are owed to the secret Asian recipe, on which its making has been based on from the start. The mix includes several Asian botanicals such as Juniper berry, green bitter orange peel and yuzu, coriander seed, angelica and licorice root. The yellow yuzu is probably the most dominant among all the ingredients. Its clearness, citrus fruit scent and the freshness of green teas and berries, plus, of course, a pinch of sansho pepper and the unique aroma of yuzu make this gin a truly special drink that will not only accompany your meal, but rather crown the experience.

Here are some technical details about how ETSU is made:

  • Maximum distilling volume is around 2500 liters per distillation / Only one distillation batch per day.
  • The water to dilute is sourced from the Taisetsu Mountains which is located in the suburb of Asahikawa (Hokkaidō)
  • Base spirits are neutral spirits made from Molasses
  • The above are soaked into the base spirits and then distilled by the single pot-still
  • Alcohol content: 43 % / 70 cl

ETSU stands for ‘pleasure’ in Japanese and without a doubt, it leaves up to the name: it has earned its fame for being smooth, elegant and quite unforgettable.

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