Many of us have our own rituals when it comes to beating the blues after a long, tiresome day. The same applies to boosting up the mood of a unique occasion: we all have our secret stash of goodies, whether it is a pack of sweets and cherished chocolate bars, or a bottle of the finest potions that we keep on top of the cupboard, only to surprise ourselves and our loved ones with a seldom sip and the promise of immediate salvation.

In our previous posts, you could read about the renowned ETSU Gin and the story of sake. Now we’re about to introduce you to another royal figure, the king of Japanese beverages: Choya, a leading name in the industry, was founded in 1914 and has been pioneering the production of brandy, sake, wine, and yes, their main specialty, the umeshu plum liquor.

Ume, or Prunus mume, aka Chinese plum or Japanese apricot is a common Asian ingredient that can be found in a range of sauces and pickles. This fruit is not only an element of traditional medicine, but also plays quite an important role in flavouring alcohol. Plum liquor, or plum wine as it is often referred to, has a range of variations across Japan and China.

Umeshu is the Japanese one: it’s made by steeping the fruit in clear liquor (shōchū) and sugar. Its alcohol content is about 10-15%, and the sweet, sour, smooth taste is probably what makes it so popular: the soft texture and gentle aroma allow even those who don’t like alcoholic beverages to enjoy the drink. Now, let me connect the dots: if umeshu is the queen of Asian potions, Choya is the king of local makers, thus their holy matrimony couldn’t have resulted in anything but absolute perfection.

Take any label of the fine Choya selection, the Choya Original, the Superior Ume Wine, the Single or the Extra Years Ume Liquor, and taste it. Finish your meal, put down your chopsticks, lean back – raise your glass, and take a sip.

Do you remember the feeling of tackling those daily challenges? Graduating, getting a promotion, completing a course, keeping up a resolution, finishing the renovation of your home, pulling off something you felt like you wouldn’t be able to? That’s what a glass of Choya feels like: broad satisfaction, the rewarding composure that only comes with a sense of accomplishment.

In Sushi Sei, you can find all the above mentioned ume variations by Choya, so whether you celebrate your own or your loved ones’ achievements, whether you choose to treat your partner with a lavish dinner and this luxurious drink – Choya will complement the mood perfectly. Don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate: if you have a chance to experience a moment of contentment, embrace it, enjoy it.

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