Orderly little rolls, waiting to be consumed. Fresh ingredients, lively colours: fish, rice, seaweed (or tofu for vegetarians’ sake) formed into elegant cylinders enticing us to taste them as soon as we can…and they do it in a uniquely elegant manner.

Yes, it is sushi I’m talking about; the seemingly simple but always classy Japanese dish wich we all love. But when it comes to rolling our own…we might experience hardship. What if it’s not as beautiful as the sushi we get at Sushi Sei? What if the whole roll falls apart? Fear not, my friends: the Japanese have a solution for this, too!

Chirashi, the scattered sushi

The reason why chirashi was created was the frugalness of Japanese chefs; they didn’t want to throw away pre-cut pieces of fish and vegetables left when making sashimi or nigiri. And we should be grateful they didn’t, since this way they invented a nutritious and easy-to-make type of sushi. Sushi unrolled, that is. What they did was they lined the rice at the bottom ad put all the other ingredients on top. Easy, isn’t it? However, the rice should neither be squeezed together nor placed in the bowl too loosely. The most popular toppings are raw or cooked fish, shrimps, octopus (these latter must be cooked, of course), bean sprouts, bambo shoots, sautéed onions, cucumber and shiitake. Toppings may vary from region to region.

How to eat chirashi?

It is safe to say chirashi is a bit easier to eat than rolled sushi types, just as it is easier to prepare it. Here, we can decide on  the size of the bite we are taking which comes in handy if you are at beginner’s level using chopsticks. Pro tip: don’t pour soy sauce on top of the dish, because it might soak the rice so that it isn’t sticky anymore and your bite just falls apart. Instead, use a smaller bowl filled with soy sauce (if you like it at all) and dip the toppings in. Eat it and then take some rice separately!

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