Weird holidays in the name of love: May in Japan

Regarding festivities, the month of May in Japan is a bit fallen behind compared to the others; New Year’s Day is long gone, the loving couples have had their fun on Valentine’s Day and Dolls’ Day (Hina matsuri) has already been. The last petals from the sakura festivities have faded and have been blown by […]

Familiar flavours from Japan: tonkatsu and katsu don

The ordinary Hungarian might think Japanese cuisine is a far cry from the traditional flavours of Hungarian cooking. That is, until they taste a good sushi-which turns out to be much more than „raw fish”-and probably fall in love with it. Still, I think our adult taste is mostly based on what we experienced as […]

Wabi-sabi: the philosophy of imperfect beauty

„Wabi…sabi? You mean wasabi?”-my husband looked at me astoundedly over breakfast when I told him about the topic I have chosen for today’s post. No, we’re not going to talk about Japanese horseradish today. Instead, we’ll have a closer look at a unique form of aesthetics evolved in Japan called the wabi-sabi. But what is […]

The secret of Okinawa

Officially, it belongs to Japan, but it isn’t Japanese. Astounding but sometimes tragic past,  unique language and lifestyle characterizes Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan, Okinawa itself being the biggest of 160 islands. Its name means „open sea and rope”, its capital is Naha, where the Japanese go on holiday. It’s a bit like a […]

Western sushi: fusion or blasphemy?

Sushi as food is the epitome of delicate balance: the unique taste experience is guaranteed by carefully chosen and prepared ingredients and completed by visually attractive serving. Sushi rice, alga wrap and some fish or other fillings: you can’t go wrong with them. No more and no less than needed: that’s the secret of good […]

Hanami: celebrating the joy of life

In my previous post I only just mentioned the most famous happening of the Japanese spring: the sakura or cherry blossoming which attracts both natives and visitors from January to May. It is a wonderful memento of the cycle of nature and as such, it really deserves more attention. I gathered some information on the […]