You surely have someone in the family, who’s a real conservative when it comes to food: traditional meals with the usual ingredients – ‘leave the raw fish and the wasabi to someone else’! Well, if you’re planning to have a luxurious dinner during the holidays, here are four fantastic Japanese meals that will, without a doubt, indulge the classic taste!

I had a conversation with my father the other day about what exactly sushi is and how it is prepared. He acknowledged my introduction with a shrug and said he wouldn’t really be keen on giving it a try. As we were planning to celebrate somewhere, I thought I should take my family to Sushi Sei and present my case properly: I was absolutely sure about the fact that we would find something to enthral my dad with – and, dub-a-dub, I was right!


Fried beef, prawn tempura, vegetables, udon noodles, tofu, eggs, kimchi

In a previous post, we wrote about our favorite soups of the colder season. One of them was Sukiyaki Nabe, which comes with an impeccable taste and it is packed with a serious amount of nutrients. And on the plus side, it contains some delicious fried beef, too!


Roasted beef stripes with sesame-ginger sauce

The dish that became a favorite and made my dad admit that Japanese cuisine is actually about much more than sushi. (Not to diminish the importance – and ethereal taste – of the popular Japanese rolls.) Yakiniku presents a set of roasted beef stripes, spiced up with a sesame-ginger sauce that makes this dish an instant hit even for those who don’t usually seek new adventures on their culinary map.


Deep fried chicken, tempura, salad, steamed rice, miso soup, sashimi, maki

The traditional bento soon became internationally recognized and conquered many hearts in the United States as well as across Europe. At Sushi Sei, you can choose from 16 different bento boxes, all offering huge portions of various Japanese specialties, from simple compositions to wilder delicacies. Karaage Bento is the minimalist, but not an iota less tasty version!


Grilled chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce

Oh, yes, the famous teriyaki sauce – the perfect blend of brown sugar, cornstarch, garlic, mirin (rice wine) sake and soy sauce. Sushi Sei is famous for its teriyaki style dishes that are all based on traditional recipes and made with carefully selected ingredients to present Budapesters a truly authentic experience!

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Mixed vegetables, assorted tempura, tofu, rice, kimchi

If you’re planning to amuse a vegetarian, you can never go wrong with Sushi Sei’s Vega Bento. It is the ultimate treasure chest of fresh and nurturing ingredients – I might actually order one right away!

If you would like to celebrate with your friends and family or organize a special Christmas dinner party where you can get together with your colleagues and raise a glass – or two – of sake to the success of your company, Sushi Sei welcomes you with a real chic and special atmosphere. The number of available dates is limited, so be sure to make a reservation on time! If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for the holiday season, we have a stash of Christmas vouchers you can put under the tree, hoping that your loved ones would take you along when they decide to use it!

You can find out more about our workshops and free dates by contacting our staff. Sushi Sei awaits you with the finest Japanese bites every day of the year: drop by our restaurant located in Óbuda, or order your favorite Japanese treats to your doorstep! Now you have a chance to taste our chef’s award-winning meal, the phenomenal Nimono-Wan, that earned us a place in the final round of the prestigious Washoku World Challenge at the beginning of next year!